Tips for choosing your new or replacement wheelchair.

Before you buy a new or replacements Wheelchair do your research!

There are three basic types of wheelchair to choose from:

  • Self-propelled wheelchair – (the wheelchair is controlled by the user)
  • Attendant-propelled wheelchair – (this type of wheelchair is steered and powered  by someone else)
  • Electric powered wheelchair – (This type of wheelchair comes in class 2 for pavement use, and class 3 for pavement and road use)

Before choosing and selecting a wheelchair, think about what it will be used for:

  • Will it be for permanent or short-term use?
  • Will it be for indoor or outdoor use?
  • Will it be easy to get in and out of a car boot?
  • Can the wheelchair be managed by the person using it or with someone always there to help?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to each of the wheelchair, so the final choice all balances on your requirements and what you need. As an example, an electric wheelchair is very good for outdoor use, but they can be heavy and awkward to transport and lift in and out of a car.

A Manual wheelchair will come as either standard or active-user type.

A standard self-propelled wheelchair can’t be modified, but an active-user heavy duty wheelchair can be adjusted and adapted to suit the owner’s specific needs and requirements. The only drawback is that active-user heavy duty wheelchairs are usually slightly more expensive to buy, but if you look at online discount mobility wheelchair suppliers you will always get a lower price.

The design of the wheelchair also has an impact on how it can be used. Look out for:

  • Larger rear wheels, which make wheelchairs easier to manoeuvre
  • Wheels that are positioned further forward and on an axle that is adjustable. This will provide less effort to move the chair
  • Lightweight chairs sometimes called Transit Wheelchairs that fold or can be dismantled easily if the wheelchair has to be lifted and transported regularly
  • Check the seat size, angle and style, and position of the foot, back and arm rests should all be taken into account when thinking about how comfortable the wheelchair will be.

If you need an attendant-propelled wheelchair, it’s important to consider your needs if you’re going to be taken out in it a lot, can they move it easily, and can they lift it and put it in the boot of the car easily? I circumstances like this you will require a lightweight wheelchair.

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