Riser Recliner Chairs

Getting the best from your Riser Recliner Chair.

Riser recliner chairs have actually been in existence for over 150 years and have now become one of the most popular living room ideas to help older and disabled people remain independent.

A quality Riser Recliner Chair can help to provide comfort and manovebilaty to elderly and those who are suffering from medical conditions, including arthritis, asthma, circulation problems and back pain. The multiple seating positions that a riser and recline chair provide, can help in reducing the risk of soreness know as pressure sores, and other arthritic conditions.

Electric riser and recliner lift chairs help the person to get in and out of the armchair easily and unaided. The majority of modern rises and recline chairs on the market today offer simple to use controls and can be operated by a remote handset. The handset can be stored to the chair, to avoid it from being mislaid and always to hand when it is required. Rise and recliner chairs are electrically operated by pressing the relevant handset button. From a seated position, it can be raised using the remote handset, and when it has reached its highest position, the user can use the remote handset to lower the chair to the desired position. If the user needs to stand up from the chair, by pressing the relevant button on the handset they can raise the chair from a seated position to an almost standing position.

Riser and Recliner lift chairs are normally fitted with either one or two motors (Single or Dual).

Single motor Riser Recliner Chairs include:

Models with one motor aren’t as adjustable as models with two motors.

Dual Motor Riser and Recliner Chair models include:

The main difference on riser recliner chairs fited with dual motors allows the back rest and the footrest to be adjusted independently of each other. The back rest and the footrest are adjusted simultaneously on single motor models. This can lead to the backrest being in the right position, but the footrest isn’t for example. As well as providing additional support and comfort, electric lift chairs lower the user from an almost standing position to a seated position, and vice versa, raising from a seated, or even lying position, to a standing position.

This is beneficial to those with mobility or joint problems which can make standing up and sitting down using a traditional style of armchair difficult and sometimes painful.

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